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Spinach Leaves

About us

Greensfood Limited has a young and dynamic team that aims to dry fully organic vegetables and fruits grown in ancient Anatolia, the most fertile land in the world, with new-generation solutions and present them to the world markets. Greensfood Limited buys the most distinguished vegetables and fruits, especially the products protected by geographical indication, from the producer and turns them into powder and granules by drying them in its facilities equipped with the latest technology. Greensfood packs according to the demands of its customers and ensures that it is delivered in the healthiest conditions wherever in the world it is. Greensfood Limited serves with its high capacity production and packaging facility in Ankara, Turkey so that the whole world can enjoy the products grown with traditional methods in the most fertile soils of the planet. 

Greensfood Limited gives the highest value to the land, the producer and its employees. Just as soil yields the best when well taken care of, Greensfood's aim is to give them the best value among all stakeholders. The company uses the leanest and efficient production techniques such as Kaizen and 5S for both the product and the employee.

Greensfood Limited knows that the raw material it uses is a living species and respects it!

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